Saturday Link: “Doing Good, But a Little Less than Others”

This post, made my Kevin DeYoung last week, is worth reading and re-reading. In the article, DeYoung touches on:

  • being proud of reading a lot
  • handling low-level guilt
  • the Gospel being our one source of obedience
  • feeling overwhelmed at all of the demands we feel God makes of us…
  • …yet not feeling permitted to disobey him
  • using gifts as a relief from pressure but not an excuse to disobey God

DeYoung has crafted a timeless entry here — may it benefit you as it did me.


John Piper on the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

I found this “Ask Pastor John” response to be encouraging. The question was, “Is the Holy Spirit underemphasized in Evangelical circles?” What I found helpful was Piper’s illustration of a the person who has praying about a moral or physical struggle for years but has not received an answer. Piper postulates that part of the answer could be not asking others to pray for you, because if those others have spiritual gifts of healing or discernment (and you don’t), they could be the exact means through which God desires to answer your prayer.

After reading this transcript and watching the clip, I found myself wanting to talk to a friend about some matters that have been weighing heavily on my heart and asking him to pray for me. That’s what encouragement is all about — giving us courage to do things that otherwise we are hesitant to do.

Matt Chandler – “Core Values” series – “What is Christian spirituality?” sermon #2, 2008

Matt Chandler – “Core Values” series – “What is Christian spirituality?” sermon #2, 4/19/08
Teaching is based on 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

1. Movement comes out of the gospel penetrating people’s hearts.

  • The gospel is better than life.
  • Matt lists many people in his congregation that are doing an amazing variety of activities for the world.

2. What if there’s no movement in your heart?

      • That’s a whole other series of sermons.
      • You could be confused about what the gospel is, trying to do this yourself.
      • There might be bitterness and unforgiveness in your heart.
      • There could be anger.
      • There could be hurt. You’ve been punched in the soul.
      • There could be a sin issue that’s blatant and you’re keeping it a secret.
    • Recovery: discipleship on steroids; open, honest, getting to heart issues.
    • The more you know Jesus the less power these things will have, any problem will become less when you know Him more.
  • Worshiping petty things.
    • The gospel and the guy that’s out there in his armchair worshiping petty things. That’s why we do what we do when the gospel penetrates our hearts.