Sermon Notes – Mark Driscoll – Resurrection: God Saves (Doctrine series)

In this sermon, Pastor Mark outlines the many evidences for the resurrection of Christ.

In the final ten minutes, Mark brings it home explaining why he is not afraid of death. He explains hell, and he paints a wonderful picture of what we as the family of God have to look forward to when we move from this life to the next.

Definitely worth a listen: check it out.


Pray like Jesus – Gethsemane – Mark Driscoll sermon

(I tried embedding this but it didn’t work — here you go:

This sermon was a great aid to me today, and I wanted to post it here (first post in a looooong time) because of how the Lord used it to correct me and restore me. Here are some things Mark said (apologize if I missed a word here or there):

“You live in a stupid culture that tells you you can do whatever you want. You’re told from a kid that everyone gets to be president. You’re told you get to write the script of your life and everyone else will just read their part.” 

–Life is complicated, and I appreciate this reminder of that. I’ve been frustrated and disappointed and anxieated during the past two weeks by my students not doing what I want them to do. I appreciate being reminded that life is complicated and that I’m not given a director’s power. 

“Life with Jesus is not easier. It’s just not lonely.”
“You are the author and perfecter of your life… It’s a lie.”
“Sometimes prayer changes things — most of the time, it changes us.”
“Prayer didn’t get Jesus around any of it, but it got Him through it.”
“Are you despairing because of sin and its effects or because you didn’t get your way?”
May His will be done in our lives, and may we pray more like Christians.

Brief sermon note – Mark Driscoll, “The Rebel’s Guide to Joy in Poverty,” Phillippians 4

Mark Driscoll, Fall 2007

The Rebel’s Guide to Joy series (taught from the book of Philippians)

Sermon: “The Rebel’s Guide to Joy in Poverty”

Teaching is based on Philippians 4

This is a sermon that edified me much, causing me to reflect on the absolutely giving nature of God. Unlike the gods of any other religion, ours is a God that gives.

Pastor Mark ended this excellent sermon with an illustration: When Mark was 3 or 4 years old, he asked his dad if he could go to work with him. Mark’s dad was a construction worker, but, being gracious, he said yes. That morning, Mark’s dad put on his jeans, t-shirt, and hard hat, and Mark did the same. Mark’s dad filled his thermos with coffee, Mark filled his thermos with juice. Mark’s dad filled his lunch box, and Mark filled his. Mark was a man, going to do man work. He was a little man, but he was a man. When they got to the job site, Mark’s dad showed Mark the plan for the day, what Mark would be responsible for, why it was important, etc. After he had given him instructions, Mark got his little tool box and went to work, thinking, “Boy, it’s a good thing I’m here.”

Looking back, Mark sees that what his dad gave him to do was little more than a pile of scrap wood and some nails, but at the time Mark thought it was crucial work. Mark’s dad didn’t take him to work because he needed him to do help–in fact, Mark’s dad likely got less done that day than he could have had he left Mark at home. Mark’s dad took him to work because he loved him and wanted to include him.

God is our Father, and He can fix our spheres of life way quicker without us–He could do it with a snap of his finger.

God is your Dad. Your Dad doesn’t need you, He wants you. Your Dad’s not taking advantage of you, He’s including you. Your Dad could get more done if He did the work without you, but He loves you.

What great motivation to go about the work of God in pursuit of humility and faithfulness to this exceedingly perfect Father, our God. Thank you, Father.

Mark Driscoll: Sermon on Birth Control

These are notes from a sermon in the Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions series that Mars Hill Church in Seattle did to start 2008. It’s of relevance to Crystal and I as we pray about kids and our future after getting married. Please pray for us!

Birth Control (Mark Driscoll sermon)

  • There’s enough room in Texas for everyone in the world to have 1700 sq. ft. There’s enough food in the world; distribution is the problem: wars, poverty, evil dictators.
  • The Bible doesn’t use terms of birth control and family planning, but it does establish a worldview in which we can come to particular decision on biomedical ethical issues on birth control.
  • 16 truth statements on this issue:
    1. God is the creator and author of human life.
    2. God made humanity in his image and likeness with makes human life unique and sacred.
    3. God intends for human beings to fill the earth (Genesis 1:28)
    4. God authored that human life begins at conception and declares that an unborn baby is a sacred life (Exodus 21:22-23, etc.)
    5. God knows us from our mother’s womb (Jeremiah chosen from his mother’s womb; Job; Psalm 139).
    6. God declares that when human life has been taken without just cause, the sin of murder has been committed.
    7. God made humanity to exercise dominion by ruling over creation (Genesis 1:26).
    8. God made humanity to steward creation by exercising discernment based upon (a relationship with Him?) 
    9. God made humanity male and female, equal but different.
    10. God created marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman (Proverbs 2, Malachi 2, Matthew 19).
    11. God created sex as a gift only for married couples (if you are single, you don’t need birth control, you need self-control).
      1. But I can’t stop! You’re not doing it now, just keep that going.
    12. God is sovereign over the womb and can open and close it as He wills (Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary).
    13. Children are a blessing from God (Psalm 127 says children are a blessing). Deadbeat dads aren’t Christian (Timothy). Christians are pro-adoption (we’ve been adopted; Joseph adopted Jesus).
    14. God desires that Christians raise up godly offspring.
    15. God demands that His people lovingly care for widows and orphans. Foster care kids and single moms and widows we should be concerned about.
    16. God expects single people who are not parents to also help raising children along with parents and grandparents. Jesus was single but he helped raise children. If you are single, consider children’s ministry.
  • The preceding list is a culmination of a biblical worldview on children, sex, marriage.
  • 5 levels of birth control.
    1. No birth control.
      • This is an acceptable Christian position. You’re not doing anything to prevent birth at all. If anything shows up, great, we’ll name it and raise it.
      • One couple Driscoll knows has this position and has 13 children. It’s expensive, but you know what? They’re wonderful. They are an amazing couple because physically she’s been able to birth 13 children. Emotionally, they’ve not had a breakdown, they still love each other (obviously, they keep making babies). They’re a beautiful family. We thoroughly love having them around. I sat them down and asked them one time, “So, you’ve probably never been asked this before, but what’re your convictions about birth control?
        • We don’t believe birth control is a sin, we don’t judge those who use it, we’re not legalistic about it. But our personal conscience conviction that we both agreed to after fasting and prayer is not to use birth control and allow God to do what He wills. Non-self-righteous, operating out of conscience.
          • This is absolutely acceptable: non-legalistic, non-judgmental, non-self-righteous.
        • Legalism is where you bind everyone with your conscience, as opposed to allowing them to operate according to their own conscience.
          • What’s wrong is when this position is the only position that’s not allegedly aligned with Satan.
          • “I am not a feminist and I don’t work for Satan, in fact Jesus signs my paycheck.”
          • Anything that says you either use no birth control or you’re working for Satan is wrong.
          • Homeschooling can get messed up when it becomes legalism and judgmentalism and “We’re right and everyone else is wrong.” Again, when you force your conscience on others, that’s religion at its worst.
          • “Family planning is the mother of abortion.” This is religion. Yes, some people are really selfish, and some people are greedy and that’s why they don’t want to have children, but to say that everyone who uses birth control is selfish is wrong.
            • Using contraception can be necessary for some. It’s a sick thing to make a rule and force it on everyone without knowing their story. What these people need is a little love and not a lot of legalism. People can be cruel and harsh and stupid, making commands that other people try to follow to honor God but can’t.
          • Not everything used for evil is bad. High speed internet and cheap video is being sped up by porn, but we use it to promulgate the gospel of Jesus Christ.
          • Genesis 1:28 isn’t a command, it’s a blessing. Legalists tend to take delights and make them rules. If 1:28 was a command, it would mean that everyone who doesn’t have kids is sinful. That would make miscarriages, singles, and Jesus sinful. God’s people should aspire to be parents and are blessed to be them, but they are not in sin without it.
          • Just because something is a blessing doesn’t mean you’re in sin if you don’t have it!
            • And just because something is a blessing doesn’t mean you should have as many as possible.
            • 1. Have children, 2. Subdue the earth.
              • Everyone needs to decide how big is their earth, and how big is their family. How big is our proverbial quiver?
          • Argument: “God is sovereign, so when we use birth control we subvert God’s sovereignty.”
            • What?!?! God’s not in heaven saying, “Oh no, I was going to have a child in her, but there’s latex, I can’t do it!
          • The sin of Onan is treating Tamar like a booty call and not a bride.
            • You guys having sex with your girlfriends are committing the sin of Onan.
          • The early church fathers said sex was for procreation only, pleasure was a sin.
            • We’d disagree, but they’d point out that we’re downloading porn and having booty calls and friends with benefits.
            • Chief proponent of home schooling says sex isn’t about climax. She says if you’re married and infertile or not in the season of the month of fertility, you’re not allowed to have sex.
              • That’s an evil thing to say (1 Corinthians 7:5). God’s people are to have free and frequent sexual pleasure together. All kinds of trouble happens when Christian couples aren’t having sex.
              • Why would God make a woman multi-orgasmic and put parts on a woman that have no purpose but pleasure?
              • Citing an incident in the Bible, joking: “She strips for him… not even making this up, it’s my favorite chapter in the whole Bible!”
              • Andrea Yates, Christian home-school Mom, murdered every one of her children.
                • My point is, though I am exceedingly pro-life and I make no apology for that, because God is, I also want to hammer idiotic, moralistic, imbecilic husbands. There are certain guys who need to be taken behind the woodshed by an elder. They’re neatniks, nitpicks, don’t belong to a church because they have such a legalistic view of what the theology should be. They tell their wives to shut up you’re supposed to submit. Honey, what can I do to help? they don’t ask. They don’t say, Honey, how can we provide for these kids better financially?
                • If you’re married to one of these men, give us a call. We specialize in male idiots. There are levels of authority above your husband, like church elders and God.
                • She doesn’t exist just to make babies, she exists to be loved as Christ loves the church. To love her, listen to her, agree with her, consider her, even if you have verses, because those verses are out of context.
                • If there’s any guy here that says, “Are you talking about me?” The answer is, “Yes, you’re the idiot of which I speak.” Stop it. Repent. Love her, consider her, and listen to her. Don’t destroy her, in the name of blessing, because you are a curse.
    2. Natural birth control: Avoid intercourse on fertile days. Catholics practiced this, it was called People Roullette.
      • Benefits: Safe, reversible, no other people involved
      • Downsides: Need a lot of discipline, and planning, and a few days a month you’re on the bench.
      • This is acceptable from a Christian worldview.
    3. Non-abortive birth control: Barrier methods, temporary and permanent.
      • Problems with temporary: Philosophically reduces intimacy, reduces pleasure, not as spontaneous.
      • Problems with permanent: Look at your motives. But if you have searched your heart and you do love children and your motives are pure, it’s not a sin. But don’t rush into it, because a lot of people do and regret it, and some leave it emotionally hurt. But it’s legalistic to say no one ever has a good reason.
        • True Example: Godly guy and his godly wife had 18 miscarriages. Physically and emotionally, they decided they couldn’t do it anymore. Should we judge him and say, “You’re godless and sinful!” No, he doesn’t need legalism, he needs love. They’ve decided on adoption. Should we judge them? No, we should help them pay for the adoptions.
    4. Potentially abortive birth control: Chemical birth control AKA “The Pill”
      • Complicated with “potentially.” When an egg is fertilized with the sperm, it’s conception, that’s life.
      • 50-60 million women are taking the pill.
        • Inhibiting ovulation = okay, it’s contraception.
        • Thins and shrivels the lining of the uterus. This is not guaranteed abortive, but potentially abortive.
        • James Dobson researched this and said it’s inconclusive.
          • Doctors who love Jesus and are pro-life are split on the issue.
      • It’s an issue of prayer, research, fasting, and mutual agreement in love for Jesus. We would not say it’s a sin, but it’s risky.
    5. Abortion: Clearly a sin in the majority sense. Morning-after pill included.
      • 1 in 6 abortions is performed by an evangelical Christian woman. Which means this year 250,000 Christian women will abort their child. 50% who have an abortion say it is their only form of birth control.
      • If you don’t agree, you don’t need to find a church that agrees with you. No, you don’t, you need to change your heart, because you’re in sin.
      • This is a theological issue with a political implications, not primarily a political issue.
      • We want to introduce people to Jesus, not argue with them, because you know what He’ll do, He’ll change your mind on everything.
      • There’s no sin Jesus can’t forgive, even murder–He did it on the cross.
        • Rather than arguing with me, you should go to Jesus, and you should spend time in your heart, and prayer, and scripture.