What does “Gospel-Centered” Mean?

I thought this article at the Resurgence did a great job of summarizing gospel-centered theology. To me, it’s the most comprehensive, all-encompassing, Bible-beautifying way to center a life on Christ. Gospel-centered theology was the first thing that captured my heart with the intellectual depth of the Christian life.

Anyways, this is just a quick post to shout out the article!


Book Review: Weird, by Craig Groeschel

  • Zondervan
  • April 2011
  • 240 pp.

Recommended. Groeschel delivers a down-to-earth call to abandon the world’s ways and embrace God’s.

Maybe it’s because I live under a rock, but I wasn’t familiar with Craig Groeschel prior to reading Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working. Yet, I quickly surmised that it is good that God has given Groeschel great influence through

In Weird, Groeschel writes for people who are stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted. He does this effectively by providing chapters that are filled with substance and humor. In the sections of Weird, which cover time, money, relationships, sex, and values, Groeschel is being very clear about what it means to approach life’s macro issues in a biblical manner. He avoids legalism (you must do these exact things to live biblically) while providing sound, practical guidance. As a result, readers will leave each chapter with a healthy sense of burden–“God is calling me to examine and change these worldly areas of my life.” Because of his self-deprecating style and his passion for the goodness and vitality of the gospel, this sense of burden is a joyful one.

If you enjoyed Chan’s Crazy Love, I think you’ll appreciate Weird. Both books call their readers to abandon American life as usual in favor of gospel-centered living.

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