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2 Responses to Contact

  1. Kathy Lee says:

    I have been searching the internet for a Christian’s perspective of the book, Lessons Before Dying. My fifteen year old daughter is currently reading it in her literature class (at a Christian school)….I just read the pages where the two had sexual relations. I am shocked and disgusted. I don’t care how well the book is written, these pages are pornography and against everything we are trying to instill in my daughter’s life. She was embarrased reading it. Please, how can this sort of writing be taught to teenagers???? and continue to ask them to remain pure? I don’t understand?!

    • davestuartjr says:

      Kathy, that was my exact reaction to that scene. I spoke with my wife about it the night after I had read it. We both hate how great stories that you’d love to recommend to people have those one or two pages that spoil the commendability of the book.

      However, I think what we can teach young people from Lesson Before Dying is, look at the relationship of these two “lovers” later on. Look at their fight. The woman’s identity is almost non-existent–she doesn’t know who she is. Having sex outside of marriage is literally pulling her apart; it’s erasing a part of her. And the man can’t escape the feelings of pain and entrapment that he feels. No matter how many times he is physically intimate with this woman, ultimately he can’t escape his demons–instead, he has created another one.

      So, thanks to that passage (the one I quoted from in my post, where the couple fights), I can talk about it the book to teens with a clear conscience, because I can point to the real truth about forfeiting purity and “following your heart.”

      Thanks for the comment!

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