I’m a lot like Pharaoh

Exodus 9:16 (HCSB) – However, I have let you live for this purpose: to show you My power and to make My name known in all the earth.

Lord, I think my purpose is right up there with the wicked Pharaoh’s, because truly, I am Pharaoh — giant in my own eyes, hard-hearted and as dust in reality. My flesh, like all other, is like the grass; the grass whithers and fades away.

Apart from Christ, I am Pharaoh. I am hard-hearted. I am overbearing. I am arrogant to the point of deeming myself a deity and allowing others to suffer for my reputation. I close my ears to those who try speaking truth into my life for my good, because I don’t want to change.

Apart from Christ, I am all these things. The Bible, Pastor Mark Driscoll says, isn’t about bad guys and good guys, it’s about bad guys and Jesus.

Impound this into my heart, Holy Spirit.

As I’ve read Exodus in the past, I’ve read it from the stance that it’s a story about the good guys against the bad guy. Moses and Co. are up against the mighty Pharaoh, the most powerful king in the world. They are true underdogs. But God comes in on their side and delivers them. And I am like Moses, speaking the truth to a deaf world. This is how I used to read it.

But reading it from that stance I missed out on the gospel. I missed out of the Bible, the Word of God. Because, truthfully, I am like Pharaoh apart from Christ. I am the unlistening ear, the backtracking liar, the self-worshipping oppressor, the cowardly idolater, the hopeless pagan. From the start of this story Pharaoh had no chance because he had hardened his heart so much through such a high view of himself! This is my story.

This is me in college: abusing everyone I came across simply because I was angry; ignoring every voice of truth in my life; saying the right words to those who spoke for God to me, only to go back on them shortly after.

This is ME! I  am Pharaoh!

And then Christ took all the Pharaoh things I’ve ever done and ever will do, and He placed them upon Himself on the cross, and He died for them. He laid down His right to be worshipped and given His way, because I wouldn’t relinquish the worship I felt I was owed or the way I wanted my life to go.

Instead of killing me, He let me live forever with the new life that His death gained. Instead of crushing me underfoot with His enemies, He invited me to the most unearned victory in the history of the universe. Jesus Christ, King of creation eternal, saved me.

And so here, in the Old Testament’s Exodus, I find again in the Word my purpose for life today: to be shown God’s power and to make His name known in all the earth.

By His enabling grace alone will I do that every day of my life. Sin though I will, may I repent and move on, Jesus. I ask this in Your name. Amen.