Piper on Parenting

I found this to be an interesting and helpful look at how one man seeks to lead his kids spiritually.

In this short response to the question, “How does Pastor John handle spiritual training in the home?”, he discusses:

1. Helping kids with the habit of morning alone time with God.

2. Quick breakfast family devotions.

3. Longer evening family devotions, during which all the kids pray.

4. Blessing the kids when tucking them into bed.


Piper on Christ-Centered Christmas Gift-Giving

I found another interesting Christmas-related “Ask Pastor John” response that resonated with me, as Crystal and I have recently been pondering, “How do we keep Christmas  gift-giving Christ-centered?”

Piper’s approach:

1. Sharing advent stories leading up to Christmas.

2. Trying not to be lavish (one “big” gift for each kid and some other little ones).

3. Explaining how our gift-giving flows out of appreciation for God’s gift of infinite worth.

Piper on Christmas Traditions

Here, John Piper gives a glimpse into how his house celebrated Christmas while their kids were growing up.

He describes:

1. A Jesse tree (a dead tree branch on which Christian symbols are hung) instead of a Christmas tree

2. Shepherd’s pouches (designed for each family member to give money to someone in need) instead of stockings

3. A manger scene (under which the presents were kept)

4. No Santa Claus (“a poor substitute for Jesus”), and the repercussions of that with his kids’ friends

5. Christmas morning dramas

However your family celebrates Christmas, this is an interesting, quick glimpse at how one family does theirs.