Kevin Deyoung on Grand Rapids

This has a bit of a local flavor, but if you’re familiar with cities or towns that have “a church on every corner,” you may be able to relate: Can the Reformed Resurgence Fly in Grand Rapids?

I appreciate DeYoung’s insights. Growing up in the Grand Rapids area, I guess I never thought much about Christianity because it would be similar to a fish thinking about water. It was everywhere. It was part of the cultural fabric.

While we were living in NYC, however, we found that things were remarkably different. There, it was very uncommon to see someone on the Subway reading a Christian book, or to learn in conversation with a colleague or a stranger that they, too, believed that Jesus is God.

Now, having lived back in the Grand Rapids area for several months, my wife and I are still trying to adjust to… well, to exactly what Kevin DeYoung puts his thumb on.