Series: #1 Using the Lord’s Prayer

I grew up going to Catholic mass, so the Lord’s Prayer (or the “Our Father”; see the prayer in Matthew 6:5-15) was one of the first non-musical pieces of writing that I memorized growing up. Yet, for most of my life, this was nothing more than something we recited in unison during the mass with our hands joined. I liked the hand-joining, and I still do think it makes sense (the first word of the prayer is “Our”).

But the Lord’s Prayer has become a rich source of personal connection to God for me, largely due to Stephen Smallman’s book The Walk: Steps for New and Renewed Followers of Jesus. In the book, Smallman walks believers new and old through some of the basics of our faith–I commend the book to you for personal or group study.

Now, back to the Lord’s Prayer. I think when Jesus gave us this prayer, He gave us a template for guiding us during times of prayer, and it’s a template that, like the gospel, we don’t outgrow.

I believe that each segment of the Lord’s prayer is useful for guiding us in our times of prayer. In this series, I’d like to explore that idea.


About davestuartjr
Dave Stuart Jr. is a full-time teacher who writes about becoming better, saner teachers at He is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband to Crystal, and a father to Hadassah, Laura, and Marlena.

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