Article Notes: “Are We Skilled Counselor Mechanics?,” by Ed Welch

If you haven’t ever visited, let me commend it to you. CCEF is all about making the gospel central in counseling, and that’s relevant to you if you believe that the gospel changes everything about our lives. If the gospel changes everything about our lives, that means it changes our relationships with God, ourselves, and others. Again and again, day after day, we need to “rub” the gospel into ourselves as we struggle with personal and relational problems.

But how do we do this? This is the question that CCEF has been thinking about and discussing for decades.

I was visiting CCEF’s website this past weekend and found a great article by Ed Welch called “Are We Skilled Counselor Mechanics?” In it, Welch looks at our human tendency to look for the how-to of counseling rather than the ‘why’ of it. This is a theme I see coming up again and again in my approach to many things–rather than seeking God for guidance, again and again my heart wants to find the techniques that will put me on easy street for good.

But then, what need would I have for God?

Welch discusses how our drive to find silver bullet techniques ignores:

  1. The movement from the Old to the New Testament.
  2. The doctrine of the person.
  3. The influence of culture.

I commend this short read — check it out on your lunch hour.


About davestuartjr
Dave Stuart Jr. is a full-time teacher who writes about becoming better, saner teachers at He is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband to Crystal, and a father to Hadassah, Laura, and Marlena.

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