Recommended Article: “Why Ask Why?”, by Dave Sanders

I was recently reading an issue of Youthworker Journal, and one article in particular caught my attention. This is a Saturday post, so I won’t go super in-depth, but the article is called “Why Ask Why.”

In the article, Sanders brings up a few topics that have been on my mind lately:

  1. The commercialization of ministry materials.
  2. The way that most of these materials answer “How” questions, giving us techniques, but only superficially answer “Why” questions.
  3. The importance for us all to carve out “think time” for us to prayerfully examine what we do and why we do it.

If you’ve ever worked at a place for long enough, you’ve probably seen one of two errors occur:

1) the place continues to run as it always has, simply because that’s how it has always run, or

2) the place continually is trying new things, simply because they are new things that have been successful for others.

Both of these approaches leaves us depending on something besides God. They leave us either dependent on old manna, or constantly craving for something besides manna. This isn’t to say that some of the things we’ve always done shouldn’t be the things we continue to do, and it’s not to say that we should never try new things. It’s just saying that both tradition and innovation can be false gods, and false gods are never worth the adoration and submission we afford them. This realization can make us refreshing voices in workplaces or churches caught up in either idolatry.

Happy reading!


About davestuartjr
Dave Stuart Jr. is a full-time teacher who writes about becoming better, saner teachers at He is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband to Crystal, and a father to Hadassah, Laura, and Marlena.

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