Martin Luther on the Cross

The news that brings joy–the Gospel–is out of this world, because, the more you explore it, the more you are simultaneously taken in two directions:

1. Into the knowledge of how loved you are by God.

2. Into the knowledge of how terrible you are.

I want you to know that both of those things are equally important in the Gospel. However, since our culture tends to major on how loved we are and minor on how bad we are, I thought these words from Martin Luther might be helpful:

You must be overwhelmed by the frightful wrath of God who so hated sin that he spared not his only begotten Son…. Take this to heart and doubt not that you are the one who killed Christ. Your sins certainly did, and when you see the nails driven through his hands, be sure that you are pounding, and when the thorns pierce his brow, know that they are your evil thoughts.

–Martin Luther

(I came across this quote in Tim Chester’s book Closing the Window: Steps to Living Porn Free, which I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone as the best book I’ve yet read on the topic)


About davestuartjr
Dave Stuart Jr. is a full-time teacher who writes about becoming better, saner teachers at He is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband to Crystal, and a father to Hadassah, Laura, and Marlena.

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