Sermon Notes – Mark Driscoll – Genesis Series # 5, 6, 7

Here’s a brief overview of the topics covered in Pastor Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church, Seattle) preaching the book of Genesis in 2004.

#5 Cain and Abel

This is one of the best I’ve ever been blessed to hear. Pastor Mark showed me in this sermon how we’re all worse than Cain. Readers of the Genesis often look down on Cain as a villain, but the Bible isn’t about good guys and bad guys, it’s about bad guys and Jesus.

Cain comes to worship with an envious heart, but at least he doesn’t come empty-handed. Cain doesn’t come to give his sin to God, as Abel does. Cain’s heart remains hard towards God, despite God’s graceful warning. Cain kills Abel, as we all have killed Christ with our sin.

Pastor Mark argues that Cain repents after his sin, eventually going on as an Old Testament Paul, telling people of God’s forgiveness and being a walking testimony of His grace.

I was convicted of my status as worse than Cain. As someone who always read this text with Cain being the villain and me being Abel, I was happily shaken and broken down by this. It caused me to apologize for an email I’d sent several days before, as well as to bring my sin to God again. It has informed my further reading in the Bible, looking not to empathize with the “good guys” of the Bible but to see myself in the worst in its pages.

#6 Noah’s Ark

This sermon covers grace (Noah was not a righteous man until he found “favor” with God, favor being God’s grace). Pastor Mark also briefly discusses the promise that as Christians we’ll be hated (around the 52 minute mark in the sermon). Too, he describes some ways he ascertains whether God is speaking to him or not.

Noah is described as a sinner like the rest of us until God, in His grace, sets him apart and tells him to build a boat. Noah spends 120 years doing so, known to all around as “a freakish nut job” preaching and building a boat.

#7 The Flood

This is a very sober sermon, delivered with tears. Pastor Mark does a good job illustrating the gravity of what occurs during Genesis’ historical account of the flood.


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