Brief sermon note – Mark Driscoll, “The Rebel’s Guide to Joy in Poverty,” Phillippians 4

Mark Driscoll, Fall 2007

The Rebel’s Guide to Joy series (taught from the book of Philippians)

Sermon: “The Rebel’s Guide to Joy in Poverty”

Teaching is based on Philippians 4

This is a sermon that edified me much, causing me to reflect on the absolutely giving nature of God. Unlike the gods of any other religion, ours is a God that gives.

Pastor Mark ended this excellent sermon with an illustration: When Mark was 3 or 4 years old, he asked his dad if he could go to work with him. Mark’s dad was a construction worker, but, being gracious, he said yes. That morning, Mark’s dad put on his jeans, t-shirt, and hard hat, and Mark did the same. Mark’s dad filled his thermos with coffee, Mark filled his thermos with juice. Mark’s dad filled his lunch box, and Mark filled his. Mark was a man, going to do man work. He was a little man, but he was a man. When they got to the job site, Mark’s dad showed Mark the plan for the day, what Mark would be responsible for, why it was important, etc. After he had given him instructions, Mark got his little tool box and went to work, thinking, “Boy, it’s a good thing I’m here.”

Looking back, Mark sees that what his dad gave him to do was little more than a pile of scrap wood and some nails, but at the time Mark thought it was crucial work. Mark’s dad didn’t take him to work because he needed him to do help–in fact, Mark’s dad likely got less done that day than he could have had he left Mark at home. Mark’s dad took him to work because he loved him and wanted to include him.

God is our Father, and He can fix our spheres of life way quicker without us–He could do it with a snap of his finger.

God is your Dad. Your Dad doesn’t need you, He wants you. Your Dad’s not taking advantage of you, He’s including you. Your Dad could get more done if He did the work without you, but He loves you.

What great motivation to go about the work of God in pursuit of humility and faithfulness to this exceedingly perfect Father, our God. Thank you, Father.


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