Sermon Notes – Mark Scott – “Bodylife 101: Get in the Game” Series – Sermon #1

Mark Scott, Calvary Community Church, Columbia MD – “Bodylife 101” series – “Get in the game” sermon #1, 4/20/08

Teaching is based on 1 Cor 12 Description of the Church as a body

Our bodies are uniquely designed; no person is insufficient or unimportant; everyone is essential.

Together we’re way safer/stronger/smarter than any one of us is alone.

  • This is why C3 uses a plurality of elders.

  • Instead of turning around on a dime like a speedboat, they’re like an aircraft carrier—it takes them a mile to turn around. But in a storm, which would you rather be on—a speedboat or an aircraft carrier?

Paul seems to write a lot about unity within the body of Christ (the Church). Seems to be a pet peeve of his. The church of Corinth had some unity problems: spiritual elitism, misuse of spiritual gifts, schisms between the elite and the poor, botching the Lord’s Table.

Unity doesn’t mean uniformity.

Humility: I submit my gifts to the greater good, even if it means giving up my desires.

I don’t think about my big toe all the time, until I stub it. The entire body suffers when one part suffers.

I don’t always hit a homerun when I preach; sometimes I go home and feel like crawling in a hole.

Alexander the 8th (hockey play for Capitals) is great at hockey but terrible at playing the electric guitar.

It takes teamwork to make the dream work.

The eye or the head or the ear by itself is useless.

I don’t think about my liver, but it’s actually more important than my pecs (which I do tend to think about sometimes). My liver works all the time, even when I’m asleep and my pecs are doing nothing.

  • Sometimes the people praying quietly and secretly are way more important than the people presenting.

Practical doesn’t mean less spiritual. The pastor of the largest Presbyterian congregation in the world judges elder candidates on common sense.

As team players (aka members of the Body), our lives are choreographed by the Holy Spirit. Some prepare food, some fix plumbing, some do A/V, some do web stuff, etc.

  • Everything that happens in our lives God somehow in His sovereignty choreographs for our good and the good of the Church. This is His sovereignty.

There was a young lady who said she wanted to go on the mission trip, but she wasn’t going to because she just wanted to go to hang out with everyone. Go! God uses wrong motives all the time! If He didn’t, nothing would ever get done through us!

Practical application: Some of you are part of the Body—you’re believers, you’ve been saved, you’ve accepted Christ—but you’re not active. You’re an arm in a sling that has nothing wrong with it. Atrophy occurs. Stop kicking the tires and jump in. C3 needs help with some understaffed ministries.

The NT talks of everyone as a minister, not just 10% or whatever typifies the American church now.

  • Let’s be the church in the NT way, everyone playing a part.


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