Sermon notes — Rick McKinley, Worship through Mission

Worship through Mission – 9/5/04 – Rick McKinley (Imago Dei, Portland, Oregon)

1. Every Christ follower is a missionary. Matthew 28:18-20. If we heard about a missionary to Papa New Guinea who went about each day just taking care of his own stuff—man, it’s cold here, I gotta get wood; man, I hate eating worms, I need to get some cattle; man, look at that bag, if I got that I wouldn’t have to carry stuff in my arms all the time—we’d say he was crazy. But that’s exactly what we who are not overseas missionaries or missionaries by trade do!

2. Every life is a Gospel story. Ex: Jesus and the woman by the well. First they believed because of her story, then they believed because they met her. Ex2: Rick going and witnessing while hammered when He was in college. God’s not waiting for you to get all put together; He can use you now (not to say that he didn’t need to stop getting drunk). Why do we get more silent as we get, supposedly, more mature? Is that really maturity? Or worldliness?

3. Every relationship has redemptive hope. Do I believe that Christ can change that guy’s life (my friend, my co-worker, my dad), or are they bigger than the redemptive power of Christ? No one is beyond redemption. Who in your life have you decided for, that they’re not going to come to faith so you’re not going to tell them about Jesus? Who have you written off as hard-hearted? My dad is tougher than Jesus—that’s a lie. Ex: Story of the apostle Paul, a guy who killed believers.

What has his love done in your life? What has his grace done in your life? What is the truth about Jesus?

The assumption that everyone is ready—it is not the case. Some people you’ll need to help explore faith. You need to listen to them. Christians aren’t often good at that, but you need to do it. Find where they’re at. What books have they read? The Bible? The Koran? Something else? Offer to read through a gospel with them, find out what they think about Christ.


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